We have not validated the total utility of this product but we have already determined that it can be safely used as follows:

  (1)    For full Body Cleansing Maintenance, by all who have limited bathwater resources, (Campers, the military,
          and third world individuals suffering from catastrophic events)

  (2)    As a topical antiseptic microbicide to promptly kill germs in cuts, burns, scrapes and minor skin wounds.

  (3)    To have a source of sustained released iodine from a spray on or wipe on film.

  (4)    To control a Jock Itch type infection.

  (5)    To use as a body deodorant.

  (6)    For the treatment of facial bumps and blemishes.

(7)    For feminine hygiene uses.

(8)    For the treatment of skin conditions of other domesticated animals and fowls.

(9)   For the treatment and prevention of bed sores.

(10)   For the treatment and prevention of PFB’S.

(11)   For use as an Antiseptic Spermicidal Agent.

(12)   For the treatment and containment of Herpes Infections.

(13)  For the treatment and containment of Shingles.

(14)  For the treatment of Bee Stings and Insect Bites.

(15)  For the treatment and containment of HFMD 

Note: A most important use for the Ethyl Alcohol Formula in Unit Dose Packages is for Emergency Iodine Therapy to help protect the Thyroid Gland in people exposed in Atomic Radiation Situations

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