The Future of Wound Care & Infection Prevention

Why Choose The ALCODINE® Products? 

•  We have a 17-year track record of using in-vitro science to achieve positive  outcomes
   in wound care.

•  Our clients’ successful result is our only goal.

•  We have a highly-dedicated staff with advanced expertise in:
*Clinical  *Nonclinical  *Toxicology  *Advanced Wound Care  *Drug Efficacy  *Drug safety

We Optimize OTC Innovative Topical Wound Care•Focusing on In-Vitro testing to contain full blown active diseased conditions.

•  Focusing on In-Vitro testing to contain full blown active diseased conditions.
•  Working with all interested parties, seeking wound care relief.
•  Concentrating on the entire spectrum of topical diseases previously considered to be un-treatable or un-curable.

​Our goal is to put you in a position to succeed utilizing our Patented ALCODINE® Products to assure wound care satisfaction.

How Do We Do This?

Scientific Knowledge + 50 Years of Regulatory Expertise = Successful Outcomes with our targeted clients and markets.

•  Our proprietary approach to our marketing opportunities combines extensive
 scientific knowledge with a deep
    understanding of the client’s needs and the regulatory environment.

•  Using this approach, we have established clear pathways to entirely new marketing opportunities not previously
    available to the BETADINE® Brand in its 60 Years as the market standard. We have an established newly proven
    track record of success in innovative wound care using only our
ALCODINE® Brand of Products.

•  Over 80% of our clients are repeat clients.